BBI NOVA PLUS(+) is the ultimate live streaming service. The new service launched with global partnerships that give customers select plans on BBI NOVA+(BBI NOVA  Live, WOW TV, or Be NIMBLE™ Live). The global rollout of BBI NOVA+ is across an initial 72 countries, 5 global media sites, and an audience of over 2 billion people.


With this launch, BBI NOVA+ has live stream content, offering all new reality streaming; featuring a wide range of original programs and series across popular vertical international markets in which BBI NOVA already has a strong foothold; including, but not limited to, lifestyle, beauty, relationships, home and garden, food, fitness, things to do, interviews, challenges, behind the scenes, diet and nutrition; as well as science, tech and the environment.


With ten years of connecting audiences all around the globe to local and global businesses, services, conferences, expos, festivals, and more; BBI NOVA delivers the drive to thrive, engage, inspire, and aspire.  BBI NOVA+ will harness our unique, strategic global and local model(GIL) to serve customers around the world as we bring the best of live streamed entertainment to customers in a brand new way.


BBI NOVA Live is specifically designed to host business forums, discussions, product launches, CEO Summits, Interviews, and more….



Be NIMBLE Live is developed as a link to its marketplace; hosting live shows, such as, beauty, fashion shows, product reviews, comparative product analysis, challenges, lingerie hauls, and more….


WOW TV is specifically designed to showcase women’s forums, and interviews. It presents women with solutions and options to many of their questions; celebrating the formidable strength and inventiveness of women and girls while taking a deeper look at the obstacles that prevent them from achieving their full potential and living their best lives.