The Resurgence Of Hope 2022

Every year we give thanks to everyone who allied with BBI NOVA, LLC. 2021 brought change and diversity to our portfolio. We couldn’t do it without you, and again your generosity showed no bounds. Our way of saying thanks in 2022 is to pass on that generosity, “Pay It Forward”. The value of thinking without bounds is that it allows for formative ideas that create potential. That said, it was this outside of the realm thinking that brought forth our latest project – BBI NOVACare.

It was another fascinating year in every sector; and certainly one filled with excitement over new ventures. Since forming in 2008, our creed has been “With everything in life, one must keep looking forward and not rest on one’s laurels or disappointments”. This year we add “The Resurgence Of Hope” to that enlightening phrase. 2022 will bring a far different model for delivering much needed medical care and testing for the COVID 19 virus. We have formed partnerships with drug manufacturers to quickly and efficiently provide individuals, companies, and organizations with our CLIA certified test services – BBI NOVACare.

Moving forward in 2022, we will continue the growth of our satellite service; which is included as an enhancement for the NIMBLE™ Platform. However, the Be NIMBLE™ global marketplace has seen a substantial change in service provision and has been integrated with our conferences, expos, festivals, and mobile solutions…and now our BBI NOVACare.

Each year, since 2014, we’ve added a pluggable to the NIMBLE™ Platform. In 2014 it was retail. In 2015 it was events. In 2016 it was transportation. In 2017 it was the Fast Food Pass™, and in 2018 it was the financial service industry pluggable, BBI NOVAPay™. In 2022 we will enhance BBI NOVAPay™ with even more financial partners for the global expansion of our cash and debit cards,  and wristbands.

Our financial service has proved to be a boon for vendors who want to connect their products on the front end with POS, in the middle with risk-free card services, and with back-end processing.

We’ve now increased our festivals to 403, gathered together over 32,000 companies, and more than 1,000,000,000 products; to make us the largest web and brick/mortar aggregator worldwide…. And we’ve still only just begun.

We continue expectations for the expansion to accommodate more small business advertising and payment processing in locations that were previously cost prohibitive or inaccessible. By commoditizing product and service marketing, the playing field, once again, has been leveled. We anticipate another explosive year.

As always, our efforts will hopefully be a funnel for other inventors/entrepreneurs.

We wish you well in 2022, and thanks for all your support.